**NOTE: This was originally posted on December 11th, 2017**

Usually I can report at least some good news about the high bands, but had I not know the contest was this weekend, I would not have been able to tell by listening to the band. There was NOTHING all weekend on 10m. The only station I worked was WW4CP on a nearby mountain. The PY/LU opening favored the North-east, so no DX here. 10m was actually fairly good in October during CQWW, SSB so I though there might be a chance in this contest. Unfortunately that was not the case….

I gave up and spent my weekend in more productive ways such as attending the local Christmas parade, sledding (sort of) in the recently fallen snow, and creating this website :-)

Anyways, here is what DX has been like on my end throughout this past week:

After a Solar Disturbance, band conditions were quite poor early in the week, and I did not get on the air much. The only QSO early this week was with CO8LY on 17m.

Later in the week as conditions improved, 20m seemed quite nice in the late afternoon and I was able to work some semi-rare DX such as D41CV and ZD7FT.

(Image: DXcoffee.com - The D4C/D41CV Contest station)

Conditions remained good on Saturday. I spent Saturday morning watching the snow-fall and working some DX on the 17 and 20m bands. The trend seemed to be long callsigns such as OL17YOTA, PA50LELY, and DR0YOTA. There was also good mid-day propagation to the south and ZF2YL and HH2AA were easily workable. A FR5 station also had a big signal, but unfortunately I was unable to work him as I had to go QRT.

(Image: Youngsters on the air is now QRV!

I missed the Sunday Morning Eu opening, so the only DX I was able to work was CK100VDA, and J69CU.

All-in-all, conditions seemed quite good later in the week, but most certainly not on 10m!

73 de KM4SII!

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