TF/KM4SII, Iceland 2017 - This was my first international DXpedition, although it was not much of one. The equptment was a Yasesu FT-450d with a buddistick configured for use on 40, 20, and 17m although I only ended up using it on 40m while in Iceland. Upona arival in Iceland, the origional plan was to operate from the top floor balcony of the hotel in the heart of downtown Reykjavik. However, after checking with the hotel staff, I was told that only the busniess class customers could acsess the balcony. So, no operations on night one.
After traveling all day and stopping to see the sights of Iceland, we arrived in the small town of Vik, Iceland at the very southernmost tip of Iceland. The hotel was a series of single-story, bungalo type buildings. However, as I was setting up the gear, a snowstorm arrived bringing 40 MPH winds and a wind-chill of 0F. Needless to say, no operating took place on night two.

After ariving back at the hotel in Vik the next afternoon, the weather looked promising. Since I only had 30 feet of coax, I set up outside one of the buildings and set the antenna up as far away from the bulding as possibe (which was really not that far). I was very dissapointed to see the S meter regestering S9 noise. However, not ready to give up, I began CQing on 40m. After a few minutes I hear the glorious sound of G3ZAY breaking through the noise floor. After a brief chat I continued CQing and was answered by stations in Finland, Russia, Belgium, Ukraine, Italy, Scotland, Kaliningrad, Ireland, Norway, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Poland, and Slovenia.

Feeling happier, the next night I again set up the antenna, but this time the noise was 59+5-10db and the time was much later into the night, so fewer stations were worked. Countries worked on night two included England, Austria, Spain, and Belgium.

The final night we were back at the first hotel in Reyjavik and it was the same story: no operations
Sure, airtime was limited, cold, and difficult. And sure, I didn't make a ton of QSOs because of that. But it was still a fun adventure with ham radio added!

**More coming to this page soon!**



  • Jim  
    Very nice start, I've put you in the favorites, 73.

    DE, KS8O

    __... ...__
    • Anonymous  
      Thanks Jim! :-)

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